Our Past Events

Take a look at some of our amazing past events.

Workshop: Re-vitalize and Recession-Proof Your Career

With over 20 attendees, this was a in-depth workshop on those looking for advice around a  career change. With the economy strong, this workshop was created to help give you practical advice. We wanted our attendees to know that you can make a change that could lead to the kind of career you’ve always wanted before the next “recession”.

Our Speakers

    • Steve Schad, President, Optima Advisory LLC

Steve Schad is President of Optima Advisory, LLC and the visionary behind ReVrb Leader Hubs™.

    • Natalie Ackerman, VP, ReVrb Leader Hubs and Executive Coaching

She’s a Certified Executive and Career Coach who has developed thousands of high potential individuals, leaders and teams over the course of her professional career.

Meetup: Smarketing - Why Can't We Be Friends?

A fantastic atmosphere that generated a lot of engagement with our audience. With over 135+ sales and marketing professionals, everyone walked away with great insights they can leverage in there business.

Our Panelists

  • Amy Green, VP Demand Creation & Marketing Operations, Code 42
  • Garrio Harrison, Founder at Forage
  • Emily Pritchard, Co-Founder + Visionary at the Social Lights
  • Josh Fedie, Founder of SalesReach
  • Mickeli Bedore, Founder, and Host of Coffee & Closers

Meetup: Let's Get Real With Women Who Lead

In a lively discussion with these accomplished women. We talked about the challenges, opportunities, inspiration, team building, and moments of decision that these amazing female leaders go through on a day-to-day basis. With over 150+ attendees this was our most attended event.

Our Panelists

  • Margaret Murphy – CEO Bold Orange
  • Jill Renslow – SVP of Marketing & Business Development at Mall of America
  • Meredith Jurek – CMO at Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness & Waxing the City)
  • Angie Andresen – Managing Director, Communications and Member and Audience Services at Minnesota Public Radio

Workshop: A Guide to Monetize Your Digital Footprint

We had over 25 attendees who enjoyed listening to Steve Wallace on how to monetize your digital footprint. Attendees got a first hand look at how to create and deploy online assets to get a stronger presence in the digital world.

Our Speaker

  • Steve Wallace

Steve is the owner of Alba Strategy and is the past President of the Advertising Federation of Minnesota and the Past President and a founding board-member of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association.

Meetup: Marketing for Good - The Power of Purpose

This meetup brought in over 120+ attendees that learning about a topic from Amanda Brinkman on how all companies “Do Well by Doing Good”, a crash course on becoming a certified B Corp from Lisa Hannum, and the power of Influencer Marketing from Lou Raiola.

Our Panelists

  • Amanda Brinkman – Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe
  • Lisa Hannum – President & CEO at Beehive Strategic Communication
  • Lou Raiola – Founder at The Purpose Awards & The Purpose Alliance
  • Laura King – Founder at Marketers’ Community & Chief Dreamer, Minneapolis Angels (non-profit)